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Prime Minister Barre Kicks off the preparation for the National Transformation Plan.

by Laacib

Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hamza Abdi Barre, has initiated the preparation for Somalia’s National Transformation Plan 2025—2029. This plan is set to replace the National Development Plan (NDP—9) by January 1, 2025.

Speaking at a well-attended event, Prime Minister Barre emphasized that the National Transformation Plan (NTP) represents a groundbreaking and transformative approach to governance in Somalia. “The NTP exemplifies an innovative strategy focused on tangible actions and real change for the betterment of our nation,” he stated.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the new governance approach instills new hope and a long-term vision for the country’s growth and development. The plan focuses on investing in productive sectors to achieve economic growth, job creation, and development opportunities.

“This plan is founded on utilizing our resources and the skills of our people to achieve sustainable development,” he explained. “It seeks to produce concrete plans to invest in agriculture, fisheries, livestock, roads, bridges, ports, airports, and other natural resources, among other economic infrastructures, to attain economic self-sufficiency”.

Prime Minister Barre stressed that meaningful change can only be realized when everyone takes the initiative to play their part. “Only then can we achieve the collective, overarching, and long-term developmental goals and aspirations of our people,” he noted.

The PM also pointed out the numerous opportunities in the fields of investment created by the laws and frameworks established by the government to boost both domestic and international investment. Now that Somalia has fully attained the completion point of debt relief and joined the East African Community, new markets and better trading opportunities have opened up.

The National Transformation Plan (NTP), whose preparation the Prime Minister launched today, will become effective in January 2025, formally replacing the 9th National Development Plan (NDP). The NTP aims to spearhead the vision of sustainable development and nurture a highly educated and skilled workforce, ensuring a brighter future for Somalia.


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