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Renewed Sweden-Somalia Partnership Pledges Commitment to Strategic Investments for Peace and Prosperity

by Laacib

The Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia, under the leadership of H.E. Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre, together with the Swedish Government, represented by Ambassador Joachim Waern, hereby acknowledge the fruitful historical relationship that has flourished over many years between our two nations.

Reflecting on the enduring support provided by Sweden, we are proud to announce a renewed partnership aimed at amplifying the delivery of vital services and addressing the needs of populations in both vulnerable and newly liberated regions. Sweden pledges to back initiatives that are led and owned by Somalia, encouraging and supporting the use of country systems. This strategy supports the re-establishment of the social contract between the state and its citizens, thereby promoting sustained peace, stability, and resilience within Somalia.

Furthermore, the Swedish Government is pleased to announce a significant contribution (On an amount agreed by the two governments) to the TPSS funding mechanism (Towards Peace and Stability in Somalia-Fund). This investment, in collaboration with the Somali Government, will facilitate the operations of the TPSS Fund.

It is also pertinent to highlight that Sweden will persist with its routine support programs in Somalia, benefiting the mutual interests of both countries. Discussions regarding projects for the year 2024 under this invigorated partnership are slated to commence shortly.

This significant occasion signifies a historical landmark in the cooperative and enduring relationship between Sweden and Somalia.

About the TPSS Fund

The TPSS Fund is an innovative model of funding in Somalia dedicated to nurturing peace, stability, and resilience among The Towards Peace and Stability in Somalia (TPSS) Fund is an initiative dedicated to promoting peace, stability, and resilience for vulnerable communities and in newly liberated areas of Somalia through targeted interventions that address urgent needs and long-term drivers of stability. The TPSS Fund is characterized by its true partnership approach between the donating country and Somalia, and it helps Somalia graduate from a donor-recipient approach to actual partnership. It is a government-led fund that utilizes country systems for inception, governance, prioritization, planning, and implementation. It aims to empower government institutions, prioritize beneficiaries, and foster collaboration between national and international partners. With the goal of raising $100 million USD within two years, The Italian government co-established the fund, providing the first seed money of 3.8 million and today Sweden is hereby contributing to this funding scheme. We extend an invitation to other partners to participate in this initiative. The TPSS Fund is a transformative step forward in Somalia’s journey toward enduring stability and development.

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