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Türkiye is Somalia’s key political, military ally — ambassador

by Laacib

Türkiye has become Somalia’s most important ally in multiple fields, with a recent bilateral defence and economic cooperation agreement standing as a testament to this growing partnership, according to the Horn of Africa nation’s ambassador to Ankara.

“Türkiye is now Somalia’s most important political, military, and economic ally,” Fathudin Ali Mohamed told Anadolu Agency in an interview, adding that this situation marked a transformative period in bilateral relations.

He emphasised that the bond between Türkiye and Somalia dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire, noting that trade and support from the Ottomans had significantly bolstered relations.

Recalling Türkiye’s assistance during the devastating drought in Somalia in 2011, he pointed out that the visit by then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was a pivotal moment in the bilateral relationship.

“During this visit, new mechanisms were established to prioritise long-term structural strategies over immediate emergency responses,” he explained.

Partnership in military, education, infrastructure

Noting that a key part of Türkiye-Somalia relations had been in the military domain, Mohamed underlined that a significant milestone in this cooperation was the establishment of a Turkish military training base in Somalia.

Thousands of Somali youths have received their military training in the military base, called Camp TURKSOM.

“These trained and equipped soldiers are now on the front lines in the fight against terrorism,” the envoy added.

He further noted that education has been another pillar of bilateral partnership, pointing out that thousands of Somali students have studied in Türkiye since 2011 and have since “returned to Somalia to contribute to the rebuilding of their nation.”

The ambassador also highlighted major Turkish investments in Somali infrastructure, including the reconstruction of the capital, Mogadishu’s airport and port, both managed by Turkish companies.

Regional benefits of cooperation

The ambassador said he believes the strong relationship between two countries not only benefits Somalia but also other nations.

“Türkiye’s military and civil technical support will not only contribute to Somalia’s stability and economic well-being but also support the security and prosperity of the region as a whole,” he stated.

Mohamed praised Türkiye’s efforts in addressing humanitarian crises, particularly in Palestine’s Gaza, which has been under relentless Israeli attacks since October 7 last year.

“We appreciate Türkiye’s efforts to end this brutality and strive to provide all the support we can,” he said.

He also noted that Somali people, despite their limited resources, have also organised campaigns to show solidarity with Palestinians.

Expressing optimism about the future of Türkiye-Somalia relations, Mohamed highlighted the potential for increased agricultural cooperation.

“Our rich agricultural lands have the potential to become more productive with the support of Turkish farmers and the transfer of technology, which would enhance food security and lead to the country’s sustainable development,” he said.

The ambassador reiterated the significance of the cooperation between the two nations, viewing it as a foundation for deeper and more comprehensive bilateral relations.


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